7 The Best Rototillers of 2018 Reviews

Finding the proper tiller for your gardening needs can be difficult with so many to choose from and the information on these devices scattered across different categories of tillers.

One thing is for sure, tilling by hand can be exhausting, but plant roots need oxygen circulation just like us. So, for an efficient garden, the job must be done. Tillers can do many different jobs, and the type of tiller you want needs to be specific to your life.

Examine your space and goals to make a smart choice on the best tiller for your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a small compact device or a monster tiller that can handle a whole day’s worth of tilling, this list will help inform you on the upcoming decision.

Mantis Rototiller – Best Rototiller For the Serious Gardener

The Mantis Cultivator is perfect for all problem areas in your yard, or even small specific gardening needs. It can work great for those just beginning to take gardening seriously.

This product if perfect for those willing to spend the extra money on a device that is not only small, but backs that up with intense digging power. It will not bounce from your hand thanks to a ridged grip handle.

Even though the machine is quaint, it can till down to 10 inches in the ground. This is substantially deeper than other tillers, even on this list. When it comes to fueling up, this machine is solely gas powered, so there is no worry about getting just the right mixture of fluids.

Honda Engine

While this tiller may be more on the expensive side it is reflective of quality engineering. The engine is a certified Honda 4-cycle motor which has the capability of spinning the tines that do the tilling very fast. The speed is so impressive that it almost doubles the spinning speed of all other tillers on the market.

Honda is a household name and that is for a reason. If you like the dependability of a long-standing brand, this rototiller’s engine will only make you secure and comfortable in your purchase.

Small Device

To reach all the tight and hard-to-get spaces in your yard, this tiller is made to be a mere nine inches wide. The mobility of this tiller is not a problem thanks to its weight of twenty-five pounds and may be best if you plan on transporting it for commercial work.

To take even more advantage of its size, the handle folds for easy storage. This does not limit storage space, for it can even be attached to wall hooks. The easy lifting can aid in putting it in the rafters of the garage or storehouse.


  • Durability
  • Compact machine
  • Comfortable grip
  • Deep Tilling


  • Not best for large areas
  • Pricey

Troy-Bilt Colt Front Tine Tiller – Most Adjustable Rototiller

The Troy-Bilt Colt Tiller can be adjusted to many different widths and depths without hassle. It is fitted with a durable steel frame that is balanced so it does well standing alone and being pushed without becoming too top heavy and toppling over.

Since the Troy-Bilt Colt is a front tine tiller, it is reasonably bigger and weighs more than others on this list. This is the best hefty tiller that can cultivate large areas time efficiently without becoming a commercial utility.

Adjustable Widths

The three tilling settings available on this machine are widths of 13 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches. The smallest setting at slightly over a foot is the average size for in between garden rows.

A feature unique to this product is its Bolo Curve design. This guides the tines to cut or dig at an off-set angle and the additional swept-back angel simultaneously turns the soil.

Relaxed Starting

There is a chain-driven transmission for easy startups. The recoil system is built to handle the startup and help the machine not jump with the power of the engine starting.

The Troy Bilt-Colt Tiller is not a mini tiller. It is an average size that adjusts all the way to a twenty-four-inch width. While this machine is less mobile, that is by design, it has the weight behind it to get down deep and work through tough soil.


  • Deep Digging Capabilities
  • Heavy Durable Design
  • Easy to Push


  • Short Belt Life

Earthquake Mini Tiller – Best Rototiller For All Stages of Gardening

The Earthquake Mini Tiller is a multi-function cultivator. It is convenient for aerating, mixing, or just simple weeding. The device’s title as a ‘mini’ tiller is showcased in its twenty-seven pound weight.

One of the biggest complaints is the noise level. While it can be as loud as an earthquake, it does not feel like one when operating it.

I recommend this tiller if you do not have much storage space available, but you’re in need of a strong tiller. If you can afford a little more, it is wiser to go with one of the cordless options noted on the list.


Its over-hand design puts the customer in complete control of the motion of the machine. This limits the number of bumps that can cause mistakes and mishandling.

The handle is designed in a U-shape that is viable for diminishing vibration from the strong Viper engine. Moving around corners and in fluid shapes is easy with this regulated steering. There is a high level of comfort associated with the grip as well. The forming handle will mold to your hand for a stress-free experience.


One of the best qualities of a tool is when it can be used for multiple different jobs. This versatility can be seen in the Earthquake’s selection in attachments that comes with purchasing their tiller. The most valuable tool included is the edging tool that can help replace time spent setting up a completely different piece of equipment.


  • Easy to Maneuver
  • Five Year Residential Warranty
  • Over-hand control
  • Fast Assembly


  • Loud
  • Gas Guzzler

Sun Joe Cultivator – Best Beginner Rototiller

The Sun Joe Electric Garden Tiller is a corded electric model featuring 13.5 AMPs of power and perfect for beginners looking to plug in and get tilling. It can fully cultivate up to eight-inches deep and sixteen inches wide. The width is average, but the depth is on the deeper end of rototillers.

Sun Joe’s Cultivator is optimal for customers looking for a device they can conveniently lug anywhere they’d like, but still has the ease of use of a heavier machine. When a tiller has a heavier weight, it will not jump or lurch when dealing with areas of difficult earth.

Green Gardening

As an electric tiller, unlike other machines powered by gasoline, the Sun Joe does not produce any air pollutants. However, planning your power source is important with this cultivator because it is corded and will only be able to reach so far.

Powerful Digging

If the area you are trying to maintain or till is extremely hard, this can be the tiller for you. It does well to aerate and break up trouble spots in your beds. Some terrains just naturally call for a more proficient rototiller and are almost impossible to work by hand.

With the Sun Joe Cultivator it can be done quickly and prep soil for actual use, perfect for homeowners that live in dry landscapes such as Arizona or New Mexico.


  • Fully Electric
  • Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Great on Tough Soil


  • Corded

Earthwise Tiller – Best Rototiller for the Eco-Friendly

The Earthwise Electric Tiller is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious individuals. It is fully electric, but is a lighter option than the Sun Joe electric tiller. When a cultivator is completely electric this means that there are no spark plugs, gasoline, or oil needed.

I recommend this tiller highly to those who enjoy the no-hassle and easy maintenance of updated tools.

The width of the tiller is adjustable from a mere eleven inches to fit in between plants and up to sixteen inches. Having an option smaller than a foot is optimal for very exact tiller use between plant rows.


Advanced amenities on tools can make the ease of using them exemplary. Earthwise’s cultivator sports a touch to start button. When placing the tool back into storage it can be easily pulled because of wheels that flip down from its bottom and an easy-grasp carrying handle.

Powerful, Yet Lightweight

While it is convenient to carry and store a gardening tool that is lightweight, it is also harder to handle when the amperage is considerably high. This tiller does not have a problem breaking apart tough soil, but the rocky bits can cause it to jump from place to place.


  • Affordability
  • Comfortable Handle
  • Can Till Small Areas
  • Easy Transport


  • Handles Rocks Poorly
  • Corded

Greenworks Cultivator – Best Rototiller for the Traveling Gardener

Greenworks Cordless Cultivator is great for small gardens and projects that can be done is short amounts of time.  The machine is powerful and works off forty volts, but its charge will not last long enough to complete hefty projects.

If you have other Greenworks power tools you may be able to save some money with purchasing from the same brand because the charging cords are similar and have common voltages. Furthermore, this battery operated tiller lets you skip the annoying and problem-instigating wire with a cordless tiller while still using renewable energy sources as fuel.

Sturdy Build

Its small size does reflect the strength and durability of its frame. The device is heavier than most small tillers to help it manage digging through rough spots of soil. It is definitely made for outdoor work and all of the issues that arise when dealing with aerating earth.

If you are tilling for a profession this can be a great option to take with you with little effort, but still give a professional and commercial look.

Tough Spots

This tiller can be vital if the ground you are tilling is rocky or even filled with pesky pieces of gravel. After using the tiller (even if going over the areas a couple times is necessary), your bed will be made soft again to make habitable for any plants you have in mind.


  • Two-Step Safety On Switch
  • Great on Uneven/Rocky Surfaces
  • Zero Toxin Emission


  • Five inch Digging Depth
  • Forty Minute Battery Life
  • Heavy

Black and Decker Tiller – Best Rototiller for Repeated, Daily Use

Black and Decker’s Garden Tiller is perfect for the regular gardener. It can be used throughout the entire season from the beginning of spring to get your bed ready to when it is time for harvesting.

With the many comfort amenities of the product it can be useful for those who love to garden but cannot do so much of the strenuous work associated with it. I highly recommend this because it has many of the qualities associated with large tillers (like a powerful motor,) but it still small and eco-friendly.

No gas emissions, no dedicated maintenance, no storing hassle.

This tiller is best for those who like the comfort of a large brand name like Black and Decker, but also who have small spaces (rather than large lengthy projects) in needed of tilling.


The mini frame of this tiller does not take away from its capabilities. A pre-existing garden can be worked on without destroying your lively veggies. It can comfortably fit in-between rows of plants.

Moving the cultivator from one area to another is hassle-free thanks to the light machine weight of eight pounds. Everything down to the battery and transmission are made especially durable, yet not heavy for convenience.


Many features of the Black and Decker Cultivator are made with the customer’s ease in mind. The handle sports a comfortable and hand-forming grip. To better adjust to the individual using it, the handle also has different height variations.


  • Cordless
  • Stops Weed Tangling
  • Comfortable Grip
  • Compact


  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Battery Life Length